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Sue Johnson

Sue Johnson

Travel Ambassador
Go Travel Chislehurst

Call: 020 8467 6167


What would item would you never leave the country without?  Passport and travel adaptor.

What is your top travel tip? I would advise everyone to explore their destination as much as possible to get a taste of local life 

What is your favourite view in the world? My favourite view in the world is the New York skyline at night, from the Hudson River. Breathtaking !

What is your favourite beach? My favourite beach is the award- winning Grace Bay in Turks and Caicos. 

Best meal you have had whilst traveling? My best meal was at La Guarida, Havana for the quirky atmosphere and great food ( for Cuba !)

Where would you recommend everyone should travel to? Just two words....New York !

With Go Travel since: 2008

Favourite Destinations: New York, Italy and Egypt

Bucket List: Masai Mara Safari, Far East and The Northern Lights (as didn't see them in Iceland!)

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